What we do

  • Emergency Fuel

    We offer a simple process to administer emergency fuel vouchers direct to individuals. We manage the whole process delivering immediate relief to those who are in crisis.

    We also offer assistance in receiving funding for you to relive more people in need.

  • Financial/Money Management

    We offer a range of money management services and training for individuals to educate, maximise with the aim to have a sustainable future.


    our vast range of services include:

    • Income maximisation 

    • Budgeting 

    • Understanding bills 

    • Benefits entitlement 

  • Energy Efficiency

    Our experts can offer support and guidance in more efficient ways in using and saving your energy. Our customer focus ensures a highest level of service is delivered. 

    we can offer:

    • Home energy survey

    • Switching 

    • Installation

    • Hints/Tips 

    • Funding available  

  • Unemployment

    We help people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life to gain the skills and knowledge to enter employment.

    The journey consists of:

    • CV writing 

    • Job hunting 

    • Interview tips/guidance 

  • Administration

    We offer efficient operations and secure management procedures. 


    • Scheme design 

    • Application process

    • monitoring and program management

    • Administrative support 

    • Assessment of applications

    • Trust fund management  

  • Food Poverty

    Millions of people in the UK regularly experience hunger, no one should have to go without food.

    we will alleviate food poverty by offering our services:

    • Food parcels 

    • Awareness 

    • Access to food banks

    • How to cook on a budget


  • Mental Health

    Mental health is vital at every stage of life, we are here to listen and work together to support and guide you on a path for a brighter future.


    People suffering with mental health are 3.5 times more likely to be in problem debt, working with our in house experts we can help you towards having a financially stable future. 

  • Homelessness

    Our aim is to prevent and relieve homelessness, we will enrol individuals on our rehabilitation program to give them the skills and knowledge they need to live a prosperous life. 

    The programme includes:

    • Access to housing

    • employment skills 

    • education

    • Benefits entitlement 

    • Money managment 

    • Life skills  


  • Utilities

    Our professional team of experts will work directly with you to listen, design and deliver a scheme which will support your customers and meet your regulatory requirements.


    We operate in all sectors Energy, Water and Telecoms to ensure the right solution is delivered to your customers.  

    We offer an array of services including:

    • Individual assessments

    • Warm home discount 

    • Social tariff

    • Efficiency measures  

    • Vulnerability training 

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